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Design Advice For Your Life

"You are a unique combination of DNA and memories, thoughts and ideas, hopes and dreams; and no matter the scale of your home or the balance of your bank account, you are worthy of a home that sustains you. It is your birth right." 

Noelle Meaway, Certified Interior Designer, Writer,

and Creator of Designing For Wellness



Why Design For Wellness? 

Don't underestimate the power and magic of a well designed interior. Great design moves us, it inspires us, it speaks to the depth of our souls and ignites something primal and ancient within us that connects us to the essence of our humanity. For what are buildings, but expressions of human ingenuity and focused energy?  


We are said to spend nearly 90% of our lives indoors, and I think it goes without saying that, with the exception of maybe work or school, HOME is where we spend the vast majority of that statistic. Given that we spend so much of our lives in such close proximity to the built environment, the interiors we inhabit on a daily basis, it is vital to surround ourselves with spaces, materials, and furnishings that support our lifestyle, health and overall wellbeing. 


And further still, of all the interiors we find ourselves in, our home environment is where we have the most control over choosing the quality, functionality, and aesthetic look and feel of that which surrounds us. Created by California based  certified interior designer, Noelle Meaway, Designing for Wellness is a blog and web-series dedicated to guiding you through just how to harness the powerful tools of design to create a health-happy home that invigorates your wellbeing,  speaks to your soul, and improves the design of your life. 

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