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Floral Arrangement 1
Floral Arrangement 1

Your Guide To Improving The Design Of Your Life

DesignBliss at the Rose Bowl Flea Market: How Trash Becomes Treasure


- Eileen Gray, Irish Architect, Furniture Design, and a pioneer of the Modernist Movement 



Welcome to Designing for Wellness! Your virtual haven! You finding this blog was no accident. A creative impulse inside of you seeks a life and home that inspires, energizes, and heals you - mind, body, and soul.


*You care about the health, happiness, and wellbeing of your family and yourself. *You value quality and sustainability. *You seek to understand the impact of your design choices in your life and on the greater world around you to make more informed decisions. *You prioritize creating a safe, supportive, loving, beautiful, and functional home for your family and yourself. *You desire to create spaces that excite, motivate and express who you are, as well as stimulate your senses. *You want to live a kick-ass life! If any of this rings true, ladies and gentlemen, you are totally in the right place! 


I am here to help you elevate your home and your life. With expert guidance and advice {from a real-life seasoned certified interior designer} this blog will help you curate a healthy, impactful and thoughtfully redesigned home in which to thrive. No matter your square footage or the size of your budget this is your guide to a unique and gorgeous home. It's time to design a home that speaks to your heart and health, a home radiating beauty and magnetism, design to create positive impacts for years to come. It's time to seize this opportunity and begin your journey in creating a home designed for your wellness. 

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Design for your wellness... for your life.

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