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Designing for Wellness

The Woman Behind the Blog

Hi there! I'm Noelle Meaway and welcome to Designing for Wellness! I am a native Southern Californian and LA based Certified Interior Designer and Interior Architect, with a lifelong love for art, nature, architecture, and wellness driven design.

I believe the design process should be a fun and uplifting experience; that great design should tell the story of the people who dwell within a space; and that design has the power to heal and inspire!

Driven by the connectivity of all living and non-living things, it is my mission to address design needs on a level deeper than pure aesthetics or basic functions. I design uniquely tailored interiors that bridge the practical and functional requirements of a space with spiritual and emotional elements, touching on the humanity of a built environment - directly inspired by those whom inhabit them.


My holistic approach to interior design takes deliberate consideration of an individual's whole life, desired design aesthetic, physical and mental health, and the sensory experience of a space to guide the development of the design and create an atmosphere that elevates the whole experience of a dwelling.

With nearly a decade of experience as an interior designer in both budget-friendly and high-end residential design, as well as in Class A commercial design, I have seen first hand how holistically based thoughtful design enhances the overall wellbeing and lives of the people who dwell within a space on a multitude of levels.


I created Designing for Wellness to be your guidebook to an enhanced domestic life - utilizing scientifically proven health and wellness research, as well as design practices and principles, to improve your home experience and create more harmonious living spaces. This blog is here to help you find your unique design voice and tell your story, while creating balance, harmony, and longevity in your home and in your life.

Education & Credentials: I hold a bachelors of science in Business Management from Western Governors University, am a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles' program in Interior Design, a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and I'm a Certified Interior Designer by the CCIDC in the State of California.  


Who is Noelle? An outdoorsy and layback LA native living in sunny SoCal with her vegan filmmaker boyfriend, pet conure Skittles, and several houseplants. Certified interior designer and weekend hiker, who likes yoga, museums, sci-fi movies and period dramas, art and architecture, cooking and baking, board games, writing, road trips and weekend adventures. 

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